400+ Analytical Tools

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Do you work or operate in a functional role such as marketing, product or as a developer. Learn to leverage analytics to do your job better or figure out faster ways

This database is for you

This sheet contains tools of 8 different categories of analytical tools

  • NFTs Analytics

  • Crypto Analytics

  • Web Analytics

  • Database Query

  • Spend Analytics

  • Community Analytics

  • Social Media Analytics

  • Machine Learning Tools

  • Development Analytics

This sheet contains 400+ different analytical tools which you didn’t know exists. You can view these tools through a google sheet link and can filter etc

Who is This Book For:

  • Programmers, Designers, Entrepreneurs, SaaS Founders, Marketers

  • People who want to save their 100+ hours to search analytical tools

  • Want to excel in their career with these tools

  • Want a curated database of the best analytical tools of the industry

  • Want to grow with help of these

Who is This Book Not For:

  • Want to search around for other types of tools

  • Reached at the highest level in their career

Want more such amazing tools or resources?
Feel free to contact me at admin@startupanalytics.in and follow us on Twitter. For a downloadable sheet, you will need to pay. Mail us.

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400+ Analytical Tools

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